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Acute inpatient rehabilitation, as well as outpatient therapy services are provided to residents of Flint Ridge Nursing and Rehab by Generation Rehab Services. 

The Rehabilitation Team
The rehabilitation team includes patients, their families, and friends as well as highly trained medical professionals who are committed to providing excellent service and exceptional care.

    • Physicians are responsible for the patient’s overall medical care, and for the         coordination of therapies and services provided by the rehabilitation team.

    • Physical Therapists assess, evaluate and treat patients’ physical abilities.         They develop treatment programs to help patients maximize their mobility         and minimize pain through exercise and training.

    • Occupational Therapists assess, evaluate and treat patients' skills         necessary for activities of daily living such as dressing, bathing, meal         preparation and/ or self-feeding as well as upper body strengthening.

    • Speech Language Pathologists address communication, swallowing, and         cognition for maximum safety and function.

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