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Preparing for Therapy
How long will I be here?
The average length of stay at Flint Ridge has been consistently shorter than the national average while at the same time successfully improving the level of function. Length of stay is dependent upon many factors,including medical condition, activity tolerance, discharge environment, and support available.

Average Length of Stay: 17.92 days
Total Knee Replacement: 10.5 days
Total Hip Replacement: 22 days

How much therapy will I receive?
The amount of therapy you receive is dependent upon your activity tolerance and what is medically appropriate. Skilled therapists are available 7 days per week.

What should I wear?
Comfortable clothing that allows for physical activity is recommended, along with foot wear that is safe and provides proper support.

When do I start?
An initial evaluation is required upon admission, followed by the design of a customized plan with approval by your physician.

Does Medicare and Insurance really cover 100 days?
All insurance plans vary based on your particular coverage and policy. Generally, with Medicare and Insurance, continued progress must be demonstrated for coverage to continue. Medicare and certain insurance programs require a qualifying 3 day hospitalization for nursing facility coverage.
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